Improve stock availability and boost operational efficiency with last-mile Ai in 6-8 weeks
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Achieve an average 40% Safety Stock reduction without impacting business in 6–8 weeks

Value Proposition

InventoryOptimizationAi harnesses the power of Consequential Ai and Machine Learning to optimize stock levels, prevent overstocking or understocking, minimize holding costs for maximum efficiency and profitability

6-8 Weeks. Rapid time to Value

6-8 Weeks. Rapid time to Value
Avoid data complexity, talent scarcity, and platform dependency

Lower Freight costs

Lower Freight costs by up to 14%
No need for a consultant and no need to replace current infrastruture

10x Lower costs of Data Science

10x Lower costs of Data Science
Build vs buy, Faster, Better, Cheaper. Less cost, less risk

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All your Data
Structured, Unstructured, and Scattered

Responsible Ai

Responsible Ai Transparency and Explainability
To mitigate risks with fairness and trust in the model

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We do the heavy lifting from ingestion to insights

How is InventoryOptimizationAi better?

InventoryOptimizationAi enables retail chains, quick-service restaurants, and manufacturers analyze historical sales data, market trends, real-time data, and other variables to adjust inventory levels dynamically and create accurate demand forecasts. This allows companies to optimize their inventory levels to meet demand without overstocking or risking stockouts

Supply Chain Ai icon
  • ML-based approach with self-learning continues to get better with more user interaction and data
  • Common object model for normalization of data from any system
  • Compose new systems without rearchitecting your current solutions
  • Enrich and improve scattered and incomplete data with ease
  • Ready-to-use ML-based solution available on-premise or as-a-service
Rule base It Solution Icon
Rules-based IT Solutions
  • Rule-based systems don’t learn. Need to keep rules updated, tested and deployed. Expensive and painful
  • Inability to look at data in multiple dimensions
  • Hard to customize or upgrade and takes several months to update